Our team

Jewish Care Scotland is made up a committed Board of Trustees, enthusiastic staff and dedicated volunteers.

We all share a goal to deliver high quality care to those in need.


Senior Management Team

Interim CEO: Linda Kemp

Deputy Chief Executive: Robyn Friel

Head of Service for Finance and Administration: Karen Ruth

Registered Manager: Vicki McPhee

Board of Trustees

The Board of Directors is elected at the Annual General Meeting. Directors, as Trustees, are responsible for the policy and financial wellbeing of the charity.

Chairman: Dr Richard Groden

Treasurer: Brian Fox Company Secretary: Howard Beach

Board of Directors: Barry Adams-Strump, Howard Beach, Nick Black, Brian Fox, Richard Groden, Tracy Levy, Sam Selkirk and Paul Winocour.

Honorary President: Maureen Solomons

Honorary Vice-Presidents: Marcus Green, Angela Hecht, Paul Morron, Melville Robinson, Lesley Roles, Trevor Schuster-Davis, Joan Sellyn, David Strang.

Jewish Care Scotland is governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association under the Companies Act 1985. It also adheres to the values and principles as set out by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator OSCR, registration number SC005267.