Jewish Care Scotland are now working with Currensea to bring you a new way to donate – the JCS debit card.


Using your existing current account you can round up your spending to the nearest 5p or 10p and choose to donate some of your savings to JCS, or not!


You can also make savings when spending abroad using your JCS debit card and choose to donate a percentage of what you saved on exchange rates and transaction fees to our vital work.   In fact, it could save you at least 85% in bank fees on every foreign transaction.


It’s easy to apply, there are no credit checks and Currensea is the layer in front of your current bank account.  Transactions are protected by Mastercard’s 120-day chargeback protection and you can keep a track of your donations via the Currensea app.


To find out more or to apply for your JCS debit card now visit