Volunteer with us

Volunteers are extraordinary people who give their skills, life experience, time and expertise to help others and they are an integral part of Jewish Care Scotland.

Our volunteers come from various backgrounds and help throughout the year to provide important assistance with a range of activities, events and vital fundraising.

As a volunteer you become part of a team making a valuable contribution to the community, but you can also benefit personally. Using your time to give something back feels amazing. Each one of our volunteer roles helps make a real difference to the lives of the clients of Jewish Care Scotland.

We support our volunteers by providing induction training, ongoing training and communication to keep you up to speed with what’s happening.


Please note, application to the PVG scheme may be required for specific roles.

We currently need volunteers to support:

Welcome Wednesdays drop-in

                                                           Happy Mondays

Fundraising and Events

Want to get involved?

For information on volunteering with Jewish Care Scotland please contact Vicki from our Community & Wellbeing Team on 0141 620 1800 or email hello@jcarescot.org.uk