About us

JCS began in 1858 with a group of volunteers eager to help and has grown into a professional charity that provides innovative, individual care. At the heart of everything we do is a respect for Jewish culture and beliefs. We are the only exclusively Jewish care charity in Scotland, and thus uniquely able to provide these culturally sensitive services. Alongside our long-running Day Care centre we provide a wide range of services for the Jewish community, from a Kosher foodbank to detailed care and assessment and everything in between.

We work in partnership with East Renfrewshire Health & Social Care Partnership as well as many other community organisations to provide our services. We benefit too from voluntary input by our dedicated volunteers contributing over 22,000 hours a year of practical help and a spirit of care that pervades everything we do.

Ultimately, we are here to provide a helping hand to our community in order to promote independence, keep people connected and support those in crisis. We provide services both in person and over the phone and work in ways that ensure that no one is left vulnerable or isolated.

Whether you need advice, support or connection Jewish Care Scotland is here for you.