Ladies Discussion Panel

JCS celebrate International Women’s Day with a ladies’ discussion panel

13 March 2024

To celebrate International Women’s Day JCS hosted their first Ladies’ Discussion Panel on Wednesday 13 March – together Lennie Wilson, joined by panellists Rebbetzin Rubin, Deborah Haas and Madeleine Black.

After JCS’s drop-in style café, Welcome Wednesday the all-ladies discussion garnered an engaged group to hear the panellists discuss topics relating to the achievements of women and girls in the community.

(L-R) Deborah Haas, Madeleine Black, Rebbetzin Rubin.

When asked what changes she’d like to see in society Madeleine Black stated: “Equality. Whether that’s through education or breaking the glass ceiling. Equal pay and career opportunities, being treated the same regardless of your age, gender or race. That’s what I’d like to see.”

The next panel, titled, ‘Where are we going as a community and congregation?’, will be held on Wednesday 10 April, discussion panellists to be confirmed. All are welcome and invited to come and be part of the conversation.