Jewish Care Scotland and Glasgow Jewish Representative Council joint working towards common goals

This week leaders of the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council (GJRC) met with the Jewish Care Scotland (JCS) leadership team to share ideas, discuss current projects and opportunities to work more closely in the future.

The GJRC shared recent successes including their involvement in a community-led Afghan Refugee Project and the many events planned around the upcoming COP26 conference. JCS recounted the triumph of the recently launched Welcome Wednesday sessions and there was a positive energy around the shared values of the individuals and organisations involved.

Conducted online, the meeting is the start of collaborative working between the two organisations who each represent and support the Jewish Community in Glasgow and beyond. The GJRC represents the Glasgow Jewish community externally and internally working with agencies including Police Scotland and the Scottish Government, while JCS provides care and support directly to those who need it.

JCS Chief Executive Julie Marshall, “It was great to meet with our colleagues at GJRC this week to learn about their objectives, and current projects. It is clear that GJRC and JCS have a lot of shared goals which are designed to benefit the Jewish community in Glasgow and beyond and I look forward to working more closely with them in the future.”

GJRC President Paul Edlin said: “I’m delighted to be forging such a strong alliance between the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council and Jewish Care Scotland and we are looking forward to working together for the benefit of the Jewish community in the Glasgow area in a most productive way.”

This is an exciting time for both organisations, independently and jointly. Keep an eye on social media, online and in the press for future developments.